How Safe Are Torrent Sites?


I know a little bit about torrent sites. I have been to the and a few of the other sites, but I sort of wonder just how safe you are in using them. I do not think the ordinary person has to worry a lot about the big movie studios coming after them, but it would obviously be dangerous to be the first person to share a first run movie. For example when they spend hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars to make a big Hollywood blockbuster you are going to try really hard to keep it off the internet, especially while it is opening weekend at the box office. They would be highly motivated to go after the first person to put that out on the web and try to make an example of him. The millions of people who download it are a different story. Continue reading


How I Used Torrentz Software to Bring Back the Past


torrentz com - 100270 - itü sözlük görsellerThere is software referred to as torrentz for file sharing among millions of people. I used it to get copies of older software that I had licenses to but no longer had the disks for. I needed it when I was doing some research on software changes over the last 20 years. I got hold of a few older computers, and reinstalled old software on them to be reminded of how far we have have come with computing. I still had my old license keys to activate the software versions, but had lost many of the installation disks years ago.

It was cool how I could get full versions of the old programs using Bit Torrent peer to peer software. Since there are millions of users, I was bound to find someone that had what I was looking for. Being able to have hands on experience with the old software versions from word processing programs to old computer games really helped me with my research for the project I was working on. Continue reading


How to Ration Tablet Use for Small Children

I have begun to think that my boy Mike has a very serious problem with addiction to his tablet and mine for that matter. Last Christmas I bought him a Fire HD kid’s edition from Amazon and I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. I hardly ever use mine, but Mike loves the thing and has taken it for his own. He is playing all sorts of games on it and he really finds a lot of stuff on Youtube that he should not see. He has a lot of cheats for Dragon City and he plays that game a great deal. Of course we are thinking that he is spending far more time on these devices than he should. When you try to make him stop he becomes very agitated. Continue reading


Cheat Codes for Real Racing 3

I have always been a big fan of racing games, and most of the money that I spend on games in general are on racing games. I just like racing, and I watch a lot of motor sports. One day I would like to get my own race track. Like a private course behind my house. Sounds unlikely I know, but one can dream. I am looking at Real Racing 3 cheats right now because the game is actually frustrating me right now, and I am trying to beat it.

I will not be able to give up on this game, until I am able to beat it. Continue reading


Got a Grad Assistant Job with My Professor

It would have been better for me if it had been back at Indiana University in Bloomington, but instead I am at IPFW. That is where the job is and it comes with a grant which is going to finance my continued studies. I have been getting set up here today. I moved in with this guy I happened to know from school. It was a sheer coincidence, but I called him up to ask him something and he told me he was looking for a room mate. He has a house pretty close to the campus, Fort Wayne FIOS is included in the deal apparently. He had it already and was telling me that a couple of days ago his roommate just up and left. Continue reading


The Wonders of Home Internet Connections

It does not seem like it was all that long ago that getting a house hooked up to the internet was a really big deal. Back then it was more about entertainment and the novelty of it all, as most people did not expect every person to have a connection at home. Still, the internet became popular very quick with the way that everyone soon learned it could be used. Things like e-mail may seem trivial today, but they were a groundbreaking form of communication once upon a time. Frontier in Illinois understands this feeling, so they try to provide customers with access to all of the latest and greatest developments in the technology world.

Things have sure come a long way from slow e-mails, with everything from video on demand to instant chats with friends. In fact, people around the world can watch almost any sporting event or movie using an internet connection, making it a great source for entertainment and fun. Continue reading


How to Choose Photo Scanning Software

If you are looking to find the best photo scanning software, there are a few things that you need to consider. Just because the software is known to be the very best does not mean that it will be the best software to meet your needs. If you are just starting out with scanning photos, you will want to find a software that is user friendly. The same applies to if you are not very experienced with using computers or computer software. If you are a novice in the computer world, you should look or photo scanning software that is the most user friendly so that it is easier for you to learn. Many software programs like this will actually walk you through the steps of how to install the software. The software will then walk you through how to use the software with your scanner too. Often, when you buy a scanner, there is software included with it. Continue reading


I Needed Protection from Malware

I really do not know a lot about computers, which is funny considering I use one every day as I work from home. I know the basics, and my brother is able to come help me when something is too complicated, which has been such a blessing to me. When I got a virus because of something I downloaded, I explained that the software I was using had scanned it and deemed it safe. He told me to look into Spyhunter 4, which is a spyware and malware remover. He explained that he runs this along with a virus protection program, and he has not had any problems since doing that. Continue reading


Free Accounts for Playing Minecraft

Shortly after my son was introduced to videos on the Internet, he has found out about Minecraft. He watched a lot of videos on the subject, and now it is all that he talks about. He is pretty much obsessed with the game, and would like nothing more than for me to buy him an account. However, I am not willing to actually pay for it, and I would not want to do that, even if I did have the money for it. Instead, I am looking for a way to get a free Minecraft account on the web.

I hope that it is not very hard to get the game for free. It does not seem like it would be that difficult, since the company that makes the game is not very large, and I doubt that they have many protections to keep you from getting the game for free.


The Best Compression Software on the Market

WinRAR has grown in popularity over time, especially as media files and other large format downloads become more and more available. The technology seems simple upfront, as the interfaces are designed to be extremely user-friendly. However, behind the scenes compression is a very complicated and complex operation. Using tons of different algorithms and techniques, these programs are able to save tons of disk space and make transfers faster by cutting down. These days many operating systems even include built-in file compression tools, but not all of these tools are created equal.

In fact, WinRAR has been working for many years to further improve and enhance their performance level. As files get bigger and more complex, there is more room for optimization and efficiency. This allows huge files to be shrunk into shockingly small sizes, which really helps when trying to transfer something over the internet or put it into storage.


My New Job is Really Boring

Hay Day Cheats & TipsI do not deny it, I am spending a lot of my time killing time at my new job. They could not get any other person to take the shift, which basically involves sitting around in the middle of the night and occasionally answering the phone. If I get a call it is probably some person who is on the wrong side of the world or it some person who has been out partying all night. Mostly I am doing the hay day cheats or some such silly thing on the internet. At first it was a pain, because the IT guy had all of the best web pages for goofing off blocked. He is supposed to make sure that everyone is not sitting around doing this sort of thing all day long, but when I worked the day shift I did not want to waste time.


Mafia 3: Still in the Works?

Video games have come a long way in recent years, but one thing has always been relatively constant. The fact is that many gamers love the games and characters they have come to know so well. Whether it is something more simplistic and fun like Mario or something more serious, the bottom line is that gamers crave more from the titles and companies they already enjoy. The anticipation for the release of these new installments is always huge, with launch parties and fans going crazy for updates. mafia 3 is no exception to this trend, and the fans of the series are downright giddy about getting details for its release timeframe.

The series itself started back in 2002 and has an extremely strong following that is dedicated to the unique style and theme. The original game actually started for the PC, but its extreme popularity lead to ports for both Xbox and PlayStation 2.


Have to Fix My Mom’s Computer

Screenshot 10 of NoVirusThanks Malware Remover FreeIt is really hard for me to believe how messed up my Mom’s computer is. She has a pretty nice laptop, a Toshiba I think with a touch screen and WIndows 8. It has about a dozen different toolbars on the computer’s browsers. Of course she uses Internet explorer, but as soon as I installed Chrome it was assailed by a horde of malware that was waiting there for it. I installed spyhunter 4 to try to deal with the malware and in particular I was trying to get rid of all of the browser hijacker programs that were installed on that machine. I know it had Babylon on it and that is a really nasty piece of work.


Autbuyer to Build the Best Futbol Team

What’s New in FIFA 14: Ultimate TeamI have just bought a new football game for my gaming console, and it has a mode where you can try to make an ultimate team, and it involves a lot of time and effort. I have a busy schedule, and as such, I am not sure that I am going to be able to make it happen in a very timely manner. Rather, it seems likely that it would take me months. I am looking for a fut 14 autobuyer to automatically execute trades for me, so that I can build up my team automatically, and not have to spend so much of my time building the team on my own.

That would be of a big help, because I am very passionate about football, and I want to have a team that is a juggernaut. I have a list of players that I would like to acquire through trades, and I know that some of them will be hard to gt, because few people will be willing to give them up. My dream is to acquire all of the best players in the world, and then start them at the same time, on the same team.

That would be truly epic, and that is part of my motivation. I guess that I am going to have to search around for autobuyer programs, and I would very much like to find the best one on the market. It would be cool if I could get one that was free, but I do not know if that is an option right now. I guess that I will start looking around, and see what I can find. I want to start building this team right away, but I do not have much time left, before I have to go to work for the day.


The Main Reason Why I Looked for Cheap DSL Internet Service Providers in My Area

I was cutting back on a lot of living expenses. I got a much lower rate on my cellphone plan, and I shopped much more frugally for items. Things like shaving cream are just as good from those dollar stores as they are the supermarket. While others were really cash strapped and falling behind, I was still doing okay. I even looked for cheap dsl internet service providers in my area. I found out that my so-called fast cable Internet was not all that much faster than the DSL. I figured I would go ahead and make the switch to DSL. After all, I could always switch back. Once I switched over to DSL for my broadband Internet service, I did not notice any difference. It was just as good as the cable service I was paying too much for. I still streamed the videos from the streaming service I had instead of cable. I still was able to play my favorite video games with my gaming console with buddies over the Internet. Everything else from watching funny videos to doing email and social media still worked just the same. Continue reading


Getting a Better Internet Deal

My grandfather does not really view the internet as particularly important to his business, but I help him out some with different things and I know that he go ahead and upgrade dial-up service to something a bit more modern. Of course he relies on the internet to place orders and thinks that what he has is sufficient, but that seems silly to a person who has experience with broadband internet. When I am there I actually do a lot of work on my Tablet PC, which is a really cheap thing I got for almost nothing. A friend of mine bought it because it was inexpensive and soon found out why. I just gave him forty dollars for it and I play with it when I am going to be out somewhere that it is useful. I also knew that I would not have real internet at the Shop when I was helping out down there.

Of course mostly I am working, either behind the counter or back in the stockroom.


Learning to Fly Private Aircraft

My grandfather has a small airplane of his own, a Cessna Bonanza. It is rather old though and he has had it for about twenty years I think. He is getting old and he does not fly as much because he thinks that he is as sharp as he needs to be. My Mom worries about that a lot, because it is becoming clear that he does not have the same mental acuity that he had a few years ago. Still I want to learn how to fly like he does and I want the best best flight simulator software to help me. It needs to be realistic. I think that Grandpa should be able to help me out a lot and that would really be exciting for both of us too. There are all sorts of things that you need to learn and I have seen him do all of it. I just do not yet understand everything about it. Already he is teaching me how to file a flight plan and how to keep your flight log.

I am thinking that I should look at the flight simulator just as seriously as you would look at flying for real, because I obviously hope that I will be able to graduate to the real thing. When you are flying a real plane it is extremely serious with all sorts of rules for the safety of everyone on the plane and on the ground. A small plane like a Cessna is still very dangerous if you have an untrained person at the controls, so they will not let you operate one unless you have proven that you are qualified. So I figure that I need to try to be as disciplined as I can be, even when it is all on the computer.


Information on Leveling Quickly in World of Warcraft

I just started playing world of warcraft, or WOW, the other day, and I am having a hard time leveling up at this point in time. I really like the concept of the game, but at the same time, from what I have experienced so far, the game comes off as being a bit intimidating. I really hope that I will get the hang of the game soon, and as such, I am browsing the internet in search of a wow leveling guide to help me level up my character at a much quicker pace. I really want to become a strong character in this game, but I know that I have a long way to go to even become a marginally strong character.

It seems like this game will involve a large commitment of time, but I think that I am ready for that, and I am looking forward to the challenge of leveling my character up to a high level, and maybe even one day maxing his level out. As such, I definitely need to learn more about leveling up in the game, and how to do it in a quick and efficient manner.


Use SEO to Promote Your Site and Attract More Traffic

One of the most important techniques to master when you are running a website is the art of search engine optimization, or SEO, as it is commonly known. Essentially, this involves designing a website in such a way as to make it more attractive to the search engines. When your site is highly ranked by a major search engine, you will attract many more visitors than you would otherwise. One important part of this process is selecting the right keywords to use on your site. For example, if your site is about wireless, choosing the best wireless keyboard or keywords will help your site become more highly ranked.

When you are starting this process, you therefore need to spend a lot of time researching keywords. Fortunately, this does not have to involve guesswork. By using analytical tools, you can find out exactly which terms people use when they are searching for information about a particular product or topic. This way, you can determine which keywords are most popular, and then use these keywords on your own site. By making sure that the most relevant keywords are used throughout your site, you can make your site more appealing to the search engines, and thus, more highly ranked in the search results.

However, it is important not to overstuff your site with keywords. Doing so will backfire and cause your site to plummet down the search rankings. The most important thing to remember is that in the end, the quality of your content will determine your success. While you may be able to enjoy a brief stay at the top of the rankings by stuffing your site with keywords, the search engines will soon recognize what you have done and penalize you for it. Instead, you should focus on producing content with real value for your visitors.


Point of Sale with an IPad

I am sure that I shall be able to find what I am looking for, but right now I am just trying to be certain that I find the best solution for me. I am always out seeing clients and trying to make deals. I might be in their office or at a restaurant entertaining the client. It is just as likely that you would find me playing golf and making deals in my own laid back style. Sometimes I make a deal and sometimes I just get some exercise. I want an ipad pos solution in case I do have a transaction to ring up. In the past I have seen a lot of deals disappear because you could not put them down when the client was ready to agree. They might have some other need or they might find themselves speaking to a competitor last.

A lot of times the client will tell me what a competitor is offering on a deal, so I know that goes the other way too. Obviously they want us both to cut our bottom line deal and I can not fault the idea even when I dislike the tactic. Regardless of the details it is always best to get a deal past the handshake and into the works. I just have some rather obvious preconditions before I get one of these processing software solutions for my iPad. Obviously it has to be completely secure. There is no telling who could be trying to snoop on people when you are using a public wi fi connection. It would not be a competitor you would worry about really, but there are lots of criminals who have been trying to get hold of the type of information that would be involved. They might go to jail for taking bits of data, but not as long as they would with other crimes.